1. People Who Don’t Google
“You said to use 2 ounces but I only have cups how much is that in cups?”

2. People Who Don’t Have Ingredients
“I don’t have apples, I have lemons. Also I don’t have flour, can I use cornstarch instead?”

3. People Who Are Actually Aunts
“It tastes just like Grandma Studebaker’s crumble! Great job, Mindy!”

4. People Who Made A Different Thing Entirely
“Great recipe! I didn’t have cinnamon, so I substituted garlic, and I put everything in a pastry crust instead of folding it into the dough. I also added tofu, and I left out the apples. Tasted great!”

5. People Who Are Not People
“I made $137 dollars in one day working from home! http://www.scammy2johnsons12bittyratezap.con”

6. People Who Should Just Find A Different Recipe
“I’m allergic to apples, and my husband has Celiac disease. Is there a way to make this crumble without apples or oats?”

7. People Who Are Howling Into The Empty Void In A Vain Attempt To Attain Relevance
“Loved this! Looking forward to trying it!”